Monday, March 21, 2011

Púffí púffí, fæ ekki nóg .....


Byrjum á því að búa til alveg næstum hundrað svona blóm, eða eins mörg að þarf :)


Svona gerirðu hvert blóm

1. Cut fabric into 3 inch squares, rounding the corners of the squares. (The fabric I chose was a sheer polyester, similar to curtain material.)  The squares don’t have to be cut perfect since they will be “scrunched” up.
2. Take one square of fabric, pinch and gather in the center. Sew a couple stitches at the bottom to hold the folds in place.
3. Add another square of fabric to the bottom and gather around the first piece of fabric, stitch together.
4. Add a third piece of fabric and secure all the layers with a few stitches, tie off with a knot.
5.  Repeat steps 2-4 a gazillion times until you have enough flowers to cover your surface area:
6. (optional) After making a gazillion flowers, realize that you still don’t enough to cover a full heart.  Make a gazillion more.
7. (optional) Pout, sulk and stomp around the house because you realize that after making another gazillion more ruffles you have run out of pink fabric and you still have a bald spot in the middle of your heart. Curse.
8. (optional) Shove project under the bed and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Redirect frustration and pick fight with innocent husband.
9. (optional) Decide will not let this project get the best of you, recover project from under the bed, cut up pink scarf made from the same pink fabric and continue making a gazillion more ruffles.
10. Stitch ruffles in place by hand on pillow top. Sew pillow cover together. 14 hours later, you are done!! Ta-da!

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