Saturday, March 26, 2011

Uglu púði !!!

Frekar auðveldur Uglupúði frá Natprat, sætt í stelpuherbergið !!!

Who wants a NO SEW tutorial for this ADORABLE owl plushy that ONLY takes about 45 minutes to make? Even better, it only costs about $3 per plushie. This would be PERFECT for Activity Day projects or Young Women activities!

*NOTE* You can handstitch everything if you don't want to use the glue gun! ;)


6 sheets of felt
*2 sheets for body
*1 white for eyes
*1 for wings (any color you want)
*1 for belly (any color you want)
*one for the nose (I used orange)
Glue gun/gluesticks
Needle and Embroidery thread (any colors you want)
stuffing (not the kind you use in a Turkey...)
The Template (save it as an image, open in Word Processor/Works/Photoshop) and print
2 buttons (or you can cut out 2 small circles of felt for the pupils)

OWL TEMPLATE (2 pages)
Each page is the size of an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock

Okay, now you're going to cut out the pieces. These will be your pattern for you to trace onto the felt. (see below)Now, decide what color you want the different parts of the owl. Trace the part of the owl you want on the color of felt you want it to be. For the body, you will need 2, one for the front, and one for the back.
Once you have all your pieces cut out, you'll lay it out like THIS (These are Whitney's owl pieces)

Now, if you want to you can just stitch the pieces individually. See the picture of the final product up at the top? I hand stitched the wings, belly, top of the head and some eyelashes on the eyes. You can do it however you want though! There are so many fun things you can do to make it your own!

After your pieces are stitched to your liking, you'll start to glue them onto the owl. Start gluing with the eyes. First, attach the buttons to the white circles. Then glue the white circles onto the "behind eyes" part. Then, the belly, and then the wings on top of that. Oh! And you can decorate the belly any way you want, too! I put a fabric rosette on mine. I learned how to make these at My Sparkle. She rocks. :)

Now that the front of your owl is done, you'll flip the owl over and attach the back. (Notice how the owls have switched colors? I got impatient and decided to make one for Kate's room since Whitney was taking so long! LOL)

Now, you'll glue the VERY OUTSIDE edge of the owl like so. Make sure to leave an open space about 3" at the bottom to insert the stuffing.

Now, flip it over, take your stuffing and stuff that bird! You can stuff it as much as you like. Make sure to poke stuffing up into the ears.

When you're done stuffing, carefully glue the bottom edge closed.

Now for the hardest part. Just kidding. You're done! :)